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Who is it for?

Weblyrics has functionalities that will be useful to beginners in the music art as well as professional musicians. Take a look at some of these functions listed below.

   Non-musicians - Those people who don't know how to play the guitar will be able to enjoy the pleasures music can bring. Using Weblyrics as an easy to learn musical instrument you can play it yourself or have fun with your friends through your computer. Remember, however, that even though it is easy to learn some persistence is needed to completely handle the computer-instrument.

  Beginner Musicians - If you are beginning to learn how to play the guitar, you may be having trouble reading the chords in the songs you download. Weblyrics has a Chord Dictionary with almost 4000 chords and understands a great variety of ways that chords can be written. With this tool you may open an internet page with Weblyrics and it will show you how to play each chord. Then you can print the lyrics and play it with your guitar or even play it in Weblyrics not mattering if you have musical knowledge or not.

  Amateur musicians - Besides the advantages described above to beginner musicians, you will be able to transpose songs to your tune or try new chords and make new harmonies to the songs. You will be able to write the songs that you already play and also use Weblyrics as a powerful tool to guide you writing the chords for new songs. The Chord Editor, for example, finds out the chord's name for you by the fingers´ position on the fret board . 

  Professional musicians, teachers or composers - Weblyrics will give your work a professional finishing. You will be able to write your songs or compositions, harmony them with complex chords and hear the results. After that you can print your work with the same quality of the best songbooks available. No other software offers today, so many facilities as Weblyrics to chord songs edition. You will also be able to organize your mid catalog accessing it in a fast and practical way.

  Webmaster - If you own a site the publishes guitar chords and song lyrics, you can now make  I
f you have a home page that publishes song lyrics and guitar chords, you can make your site more pleasant and neat to its users. The usual formats for text exhibition don't allow users to hear the chords or see its representation on the fret board. Weblyrics Player solves this problem and is totally free.  read more...

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