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Text processor, chord dictionary, music library, WebLyrics includes all these and more. See the main features that make WebLyrics the most important product in the creation and interpretation guitar song sheets.

Text Processor
A text processor that knows about music and guitar. Further from being able to differ the lyrics from the chords, it also keeps the chords aligned with the text!   learn more  

Harmonization (inclusion and alteration of the chords)
No other program treats the chords like WebLyrics. In a simple and intuitive way, it offers a vast amount of tools for you to edit chords and reharmonize your songs.   learn more  
Chord Dictionary and Editor
WebLyrics includes a dictionary with close to 4000 different chord positions. It can interpret virtually any kind of chord found in songbooks and on the Internet. You can also create new chords and modify the ones available using the Chord Editor.   learn more  
WebLyrics interacts with the Microsoft Internet Explorer to interpret the songs you find on the Internet. At the press of a button, WebLyrics reads an internet page and interprets all it's chords.
Audio Player
An audio player (mp3, wave, MIDI etc.) inside WebLyrics allows you to accompany the lyrics and chords while you hear the song.
Prints the songs with the same quality as professional songbooks.   learn more  
Chord List
Next to the songs, WebLyrics shows a list of the chord's diagrams, in order or not. Just click on a chord on the lyrics and it's diagram will show on the list. 
Chord Sounds (Musical Instrument)
Any chord can be heard, better yet, played. Using an innovating mechanism that allows you to play the song's chords on your keyboard, you can play, hear and tape your interpretation of the song as if you were playing the guitar!


Files (importing and exporting)
Besides having a file type of its own, created specially for guitar song sheets, WebLyrics imports, interprets and exports more common types of files.   learn more  
Music Library and albums
Organizes WebLyrics, audio and MIDI files. Searches the songs by title or author and groups them into albums to print them.  learn more  

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